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Bookings are subject the these Booking Terms which include Policies such as Confirmation Policy, Cancellation Policy, Refunds Policy, Payments Policy etc. that we operate. By making a booking with us, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions and, as the person making the booking, you accept responsibility for all guests in your booking party.


All products are subject to availability.

Confirmation of Booking

Bookings made directly through our online booking system are confirmed subject to successful receipt of payment - either a deposit or the full amount. If the booking system enables you to make payment by card or other online payment method, you will receive a Booking Confirmation Notice once you have successfully completed the booking process and payment has successfully been made. In the event that payment functionality is not available, your booking will still be confirmed once you have received the Booking Confirmation Notice and it will remain confirmed until either, (a) we have successfully made contact with you within 48 hours and obtained payment from you or (b) 48 hours have elapsed from when your Booking Confirmation Notice was issued and we have been unable to establish contact with you to obtain payment. If we are unable to obtain payment from you within 48hrs of the issue of your Booking Confirmation Notice, we regret that we may cancel your booking.

Room Charges

Room charges are for the use of the bedroom and the amenities contained therein for the duration of your booking. It also includes breakfast unless your booking specifically excludes breakfast. Room charges do not include the purchase of furnishings or fabrics, bathrobes or any other items and so they must not be removed from the house. If a guest wishes separately, to purchase items such as toiletries, bath robes or bedding they may do so and we can obtain new, packaged items for this purpose. Our beds are renowned for their comfort and, in response to requests from previous guests, guests may try the bed before they buy a new one from us. Where a bed is purchased by a guest, we shall deduct an amount from the cost of that bed equal to one night's accommodation for that guest. We can deliver to your home too, subject to extra charge.


Bookings are accepted on the basis that guests may check-in anytime between 3pm and 9pm UK local time (GMT/BST as appropriate), on check-in day.

If guests need to arrive earlier for example, to drop off luggage, they may do so by prior arrangement, however, we cannot guarantee that your bedroom will be ready before "Check-in time".

Guests who wish to arrive later than 9pm, may do so by prior arrangement up until such time as when arrival may disturb other guests.

Please let us know if you will be later than your planned arrival time.

Check-in time

Guest's may Check-in from 3pm on the day of arrival.

Check-out Time

Guest's must vacate their rooms by 11:00 am on the morning of departure.

Room Occupancy

This accommodation is subject to a limit on the maximum number of guests staying at any one time.

The permitted number of guests is the number for which the booking was made.

In the event that the permitted number is exceeded, the management may cancel the booking with immediate effect and in such circumstances, the guest who made the booking shall be liable for the full charges for that booking.


A no-show means a booking was made but the guest's party neither arrived nor cancelled the booking in advance.

You agree to pay the amount due per the Cancellation Policy.

Refunds policy

Where the amount for a booking is greater than the deposit paid, and the cancellation terms require further payment, the person who made the booking hereby agrees to pay those costs. The guest permits the business to process the guest's credit card for this purpose or if that facility is not available, the guest will pay all monies due directly to the business without delay and in any event, before the Check-out date. The maximum refund payable to the person making the booking is limited by and shall be no more than, the amount of any deposit paid by them.

Payment Guarantee.

A payment by Credit or Debit card is the preferred method for confirming a booking.

If that facility is not available, the guest may make payment by electronic bank transfer. Please contact the business owner to arrange this.

Where a person makes a booking online using our own website or any other website that runs the IT4Tourism bookings management system and we have not enabled the feature for paying by credit card, the booking will still be guaranteed.

The business shall be in contact with the person making the booking to arrange an electronic bank transfer as the alternative form of payment.

If that alternative form of payment is not forthcoming within 24 hours from when the arrangement is made, the booking may be cancelled and the person making the booking shall become liable for half the cost of the booking.

The guest agrees to pay this within 7 days of when they made the booking.


All rates are inclusive of breakfast and taxes unless otherwise stated

Childrens Policy

Children using a babies cot may stay free of charge. Children of all ages, who use a normal bed, will be charged the full rate.

Damage to property

In the event that damage is accidentally caused to property either owned by the proprietor or by a guest, the person damaging it agrees to pay replacement costs to the other person.


WiFi connectivity is provided throughout the house including within each bedroom. However, the Wi-fi service is provided in part by a third party and so we have to clarify that, as with all things electronic, this service is subject to availability.

No-Smoking Policy

This booking condition simply means please do not smoke in our house.

Smoking is not permitted if any part of the person is within the house. A fine imposed on the proprietor will be passed onto the individual(s) who break this rule.

A guest found to have been smoking within the premises will be liable to a charge in addition to their booking costs, for complete professional cleaning of the room(s) they smoked in.

These costs may include but not be limited to removal, cleaning and replacement of curtains, washing down/re-painting of walls and professional cleaning of carpets, as well as the nightly cost of the room whilst it is out of commission due to this remedial work.

The room will be deemed to be out of commission until such cleaning can be completed and this shall include time necessary for drying carpets and any other reparations as we deem to be necessary in order to return the room to a condition at least equal to when the guest arrived.

Accuracy of Guest details

We may need to make contact with the person making a booking and so, it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to enter correct phone number and email details. We shall not be responsible for bookings which we may have cancelled because we have been unable to make contact with the person making the booking.


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