booking terms.

All bookings made with us are subject to these Terms and Conditions ( hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). They are intended to ensure our guests have a most enjoyable stay with us.


The following terms or expressions in bold type below and highlighted throughout this document, with "double quotes", shall have the following meanings:-

Booking Confirmation Notice means the web page presented to you when your booking is successful and which contains full details of the booking and these terms.

Check-in time-frame means between 3pm and 9pm local time on the first day of the booking; the time-frame within which guests may Check-in to the accommodation.

Check-out time means 11am local time on the morning following the last night of the booking; the time by which guests must have finally vacated their room(s).

Absolutely Confirmed means that part or all of the booking value (a sufficient amount), has been received by the business from the person making the booking - or their agent - and that, consequently, the booking is secured.

Provisionally Confirmed means the booking has been made in the diary and is guaranteed, subject to the business receiving part payment or full payment for the booking.

Cancellation time means that; for the purpose of calculating refunds, the relevant time point is 12pm midday (local time), on the day of arrival.

Cancellation calculation means; Where notice of cancellation is given more than 7 days before "Cancellation time", we shall refund to the "Responsible person", the monies paid for the booking, minus an administration charge of 10.00. Where notice of cancellation is given 7 days or less before "Cancellation time" but more than 3 days in advance of the "Cancellation time", we shall charge just 50% of the monies due for the booking or if the booking has already been paid for, we shall refund all monies above the 50% of the booking cost. Where notice of cancellation is given 3 days or fewer before "Cancellation time", the business shall collect the full amount or the balance remaining, from the "Responsible person". Where no cancellation notice is given and you do not arrive with us - known as a "No-show" - the full monies shall be payable immediately and the "Responsible person" shall pay that full amount within 24hrs and the No-Show status will be noted amongst the booking for future reference. Bookings with such enduring records shall be stored indefinitely provided we do so in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Permitted Number of Guests means the number of guests for which the booking was made.

Email confirmation means the email sent to the email address supplied during the booking process which sets out the same details as shown on the web page with the Booking Confirmation Notice.

No-Show means a booking was made but the guest's party neither arrived nor cancelled the booking before the "Check-in Time-frame" expired.

No-smoking Rule means, it is forbidden to smoke or use any other similar such device, for example 'vapes', within 15 feet (or 5 metres) of the outer front door-frame of the building.

Promotional codes means a code which guests may provide during the booking process or at check-in time, which may add value to, or give a discount from, the cost of the booking. Such promotional codes (promo codes) may not be used in conjunction with any other offer only one promotional code may be used per "Responsible person". The application of any Promotional code to any booking shall be conditional on all members of the relevant booking party adhering to these Terms.

Purchasable Products means brand new items which we will sell to our guests who wish to buy them. These products are the same as those we use in the accommodation and include mattresses, toiletries, bathrobes, bedding, towels and crockery.

Responsible Person means the person in whose name a booking is made in (whether made by themselves or an agent acting on their behalf), who shall be accountable for full payment of the bill and any additional costs that may be incurred whilst subject to these "Terms".


During the booking procedure the "Responsible person" must agree to these terms before a booking can be completed.


Products are subject to availability.

Online Booking Confirmation

Bookings made online, directly through our booking system, will be confirmed when you are presented with the "Booking Confirmation Notice". The "Booking Confirmation Notice" will include these "Terms" and an "Email confirmation" will also be sent. If you made payment, either a deposit or in full, during that booking process, the booking will be "Absolutely Confirmed". If payment was not taken during the booking process, the booking will be "Provisionally Confirmed", for a maximum of 48 hours from when the "Booking Confirmation Notice" was issued. The booking status may transition from "Provisionally Confirmed" to "Absolutely Confirmed" if we have successfully made contact with you, within that 48 hours time period and obtained payment from you for the booking. The booking status may transition from "Provisionally Confirmed" to cancelled if we have not obtained payment by the end of that 48 hours period. If that happens, the rooms will be released so they may be booked by other guests.

Room Charges

Room charges are for the use of the bedroom assigned to your booking and use of the amenities contained therein, for the duration of your visit. Room charges do not include the purchase of furnishings or fabrics, bathrobes or any other items in the premises, which means they must not be removed from the premises without permission. We do not give permission for any items to be removed from the property. If a guest were to buy a mattress or bed from our list of "Purchasable products", we will cancel the cost of the first night in their room. The price of our products does not include delivery.

check-in procedure

Bookings are accepted on the basis that guests arrive for check-in within the "Check-in Time-frame". Bedrooms will be prepared and ready for the "Check-in Time-frame". If guests need to arrive before the "Check-in Time-frame", for example, to drop off luggage early, they may do so by giving notice, however, we cannot guarantee that the bedroom(s) booked will be available before the "Check-in Time-frame". If guests need to arrive after the "Check-in Time-frame", for example, if they were delayed in transit or because their flight arrival time was not conducive to earlier arrival at the accommodation, they may do so by prior arrangement and provided their late arrival will not disturb other guests who may have retired for the night. Any remaining balance due, for a booking, will be paid during the check-in procedure.

Room occupancy

If, on arrival, the "Permitted Number of Guests" is exceeded, we may refuse entry to the excess guests or we may cancel the entirety of the booking. In such circumstances that we cancel the entirety of the booking, the "Responsible person" will pay all costs in accordance with the "Cancellation calculation".

Auto cancellations

In the event of a "No-show" we will automatically cancel the entire booking at the end of the "Check-in time-frame" and the "Responsible person" shall pay for the booking in accordance with the "Cancellation Policy". If we incur additional costs in pursuing the payment, the "Responsible person" will pay those additional costs.


All rates are inclusive of breakfast and taxes unless otherwise stated.

Child policy

Children who sleep in a babies cot may stay free of charge. Children of all ages, who use a normal bed, will be charged the standard rate (subject to application of "Promotional codes").

Damage to property

In the event of damage being caused to property either owned by the proprietor or by another guest, the "Responsible person" shall immediately notify us and also pay for replacement or repair of the damaged property, whichever the owner of that property expects.

WiFi service

We provide WiFi connectivity throughout the property, including within each bedroom, however, because the service is provided by a third party, we must make clear that WiFi is subject to availability. That said; uptime has been very good, which is why we have continued to employ the same one provider since 2010.

smoking policy

All guests shall be bound by the "No-smoking Rule".

penalty for smoking

If the business were fined because of a guest breaching these "Terms", that fine will be paid by the "Responsible person". Whether or not a fine is imposed; the "Responsible person" agrees to pay all costs for the restoration of the affected areas, to a condition at least equal to that which it was immediately before the commencement of the booking, including any other necessary costs or losses for the whole time the area(s) is out of commission.

Accuracy of information

The "Responsible person" shall take full responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of the details entered for the booking. We shall not be responsible for bookings which we may have cancelled because we have been unable to make contact with the "Responsible person".


We are sympathetic to those who have to cancel due to unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances and we strongly recommend you obtain adequate travel insurance to cover any such eventuality. In the event that a booking is to be cancelled, that will be done in accordance with the "Cancellation calculation".


We prefer payment to be made by Credit or Debit card. If that facility is not available, the guest may make payment by electronic bank transfer or as a last resort, in cash. Balances on all bookings will be payable in accordance with the Check-in procedure and any deposit paid previously, will be deducted from the total.

Promo codes

If a "Promotional code" is applicable its value will be explained in the place where that promo code is promoted or at the time of booking, during the booking procedure. Any necessary adjustment to the booking charges, due to that promo code, shall be made at checkout.


Where the "Responsible person" has made payment towards a booking and later cancels the booking, thus, invoking the section 'Cancellation calculation', all monies due to whichever party, either the "Responsible person" or ourselves, as shown in the calculation, will be paid immediately. If payment is due to the "Responsible person", the refund will be made to the payment method used when the "Responsible person" made the first payment. This means if the payment was made from a credit card, the refund will be made to that same card. In this instance, the maximum refund payable shall be limited to the amount already paid.

Guest checkout

Guests must vacate their bedroom(s) by the "Check-out time" unless, on a previous day, they arranged with us to check out later than normal.


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