antispam policy.


We take the privacy and respect of our guests very seriously and so we have put in place an AntiSpam policy. This means that you can be fully assured that we will never send out spam emails.

Email addresses delivered by ordinary email messages

If an individual or organisation sends us an email which requires a response from us, we will reply to that email and we may retain all emails sent to us to enable us to communicate timely and efficiently. At no time will that address ever be entered into a mailing service for marketing of any kind unless the sender specifically requests us to do so.

Email Marketing

If an individual or organisation subscribes to a marketing or promotional messaging system from which we may send out marketing or promotional emails, the email address will only be retained for as long as that individual wishes us to have it. Every message sent from us as part of a marketing or promotional campaign will include a link, which, when clicked, will immediately remove the email address from that marketing or promotional system. Ultimately this means only those individuals who have expressed their desire to receive emails will receive them and only until such times as they may choose to be removed from the list.


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