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Over the years, we have helped improve our guests' trips with our unique service to provide you with a bespoke itinerary. We believe our guests have made a substantial effort to visit our country and so, the least we should do is help you get the most for your money, your time and to make your trip even more of a memory. We delight in helping our guests and can help you as well, because we can devise an itinerary comprised of the things you wish to see and do along with better time management and route planning. We can also help reduce your costs because, in many cases, we receive incentives and discounts from visitor attractions, activities, restaurants and others which we pass on in full, to our guests.

These benefits will enable you to see more of our country and in many cases, to travel at a more leisurely pace. We have enabled guests to enhance their visit in numerous ways, just one of which was to turn a special anniversary night into an even better life-long memory because they enjoyed the extravagance without the guilt - or the extra cost.

So, if you are planning your trip to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland and you would like some reassurance or assistance with the benefit of our local knowledge, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Our assistance is not limited to when you are planning to be in Bangor. If you are planning a trip where part of your time will be spent staying with us, we will assist you with your itinerary, wherever you may be visiting in The Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

We actively seek out the better places to visit or tour as well as restaurants and accommodation in other localities. We only recommend those places we have enjoyed as secret customers because our only incentive is to help ensure you enjoy the best time when in or near our country.


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