Covid Protection Measures


Despite Covid 19 and the measures we are required to take to mitigate against it, we will provide you with the same warm welcome we are renowned for. However, to protect everyone as best we can, we have adopted the industry-wide series of mitigation measures.

Face masks must be worn at all times, from your entry to the house until you leave, except when in your bedrooom or when seated in the dining room and eating breakfast. Unfortunately we must close the dining room after breakfast until the following morning. We will wipe down all surfaces with appropriate alcoholic liquids and will replace furniture coverings and the table cloth as necessary.

Unfortunately these mitigation measures require us to remove many of the little comforts from the bedrooms and the dining room. To this end; Dressing gowns, books, leaflets (for attractions etc), will be removed from all bedrooms as will all unnecessary cushions and ornaments. The bathrooms and ensuites, bedrooms, and their contents including room keys and TV remotes etc will have been sanitized before your arrival. The TV remotes will be placed inside a sealed plastic bag.

We have had to remove tea and coffee facilities from each bedroom so, instead, tea & coffee as well as bottled water may be supplied on request by leaving that on a sanitized tray outside your bedroom door.

Covid Protection Measures


We have re-organised our bookings system to ensure no guest will arrive at Hargreaves House less than 72 hours after previous guests have left. Guest must arrive within an pre-arranged timeframe so each guest or party will be looked after separately from staff and family in the house. On arrival we require each guest to undergo a no-contact temperature test using a digital thermometer, as soon as you enter the house. Next you must use the hand-sanitizer provided, to clean your hands and then, to apply a face mask. Face masks are provided for those guests who need them. You will also be asked to confirm that none in your party is suffering or showing symptoms of Covid 19 and we will direct you to a form on our website which you must complete and submit. This will help reduce the potential for transmission of the virus if any one were asymptomatic. If you are unable to complete that form, we will have paper versions ready for you to complete.

We have marked out the reception hall area with suitable markings and we ask guests to bear with us during this difficult time and to stand behind the markings, distanced from us, so we can process your check-in as safely, swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Covid Protection Measures

During your stay:

You will notice that we have placed hand-sanitizer adjacent to the front door and outside each bedroom. We require guests please, to ensure that they wash their hands regularly and use those sanitizers each and every time they pass them.

To enable us to manage the flow of guests around the house, Breakfast must be pre-ordered the night before and it will be served at a pre-agreed time next morning. To this end, we will be limiting our bookings to those of just two individuals using a separate bedroom or one group of up to 4 people who are in their own ‘bubble’.

Please notify us of any food allergies or intolerance when placing your order. Condiments and conserves; jams, honey and marmalades will be served in sealed jars or packets to be used by just one person. Cutlery and crockery will be provided in sealed and sanitized wrappers for collection as you enter the dining room.

Throughout the day communal door handles, light switches sockets, window catches and handrails will be sanitized frequently. For stays longer than 3 nights, rooms will be serviced with agreement of the guest - ie we will only enter bedrooms after 3 days if requested to do so and the guest will not be in the room at the same time.

During your stay with us; if you or anyone in your party shows symptoms of Covid-19 then, as required by legislation, you must return home using private transport and isolate for 14 days. If you are unable to access private transport your party will be required to self-isolate in your bedroom(s) in Hargreaves House for 14 days, from when symptoms present. In such circumstances, we will arrange for you to be tested for Covid19 by a medical professional and we will close the house to guests and any visitors throughout that 14-day period of isolation.

If you must isolate here in Hargreaves House, you will be required to pay for your extended stay however, we will work with you to minimise as far as possible, that extra cost.

Double black bags will be placed in each room. At the end of your stay you must place your used bedding – everything on the bed except mattresses and pillows into these bags and to seal them tightly. They will remain sealed for 72 hours before being laundered.

Bookings must be pre-paid with a payment card or bank transfer and receipts will be emailed to the guest, even if you have arrived, to further reduce transmission of Covid19.

Covid Protection Measures

Cancellation of booking:

If you need to cancel your booking we will of course facilitate that, however, there may be a cancellation fee equivalent to that of the whole booking for one night, unless cancellation is received least 72 hrs ahead of midday on day on proposed check-in day. If we must cancel your booking, for example if the Government were to impose restrictions that force us to close or if a guest has had to isolate here in Hargreaves House and we cannot accommodate you, we will refund your booking in full and we will try to locate alternative accommodation for you nearby.

Covid Protection Measures

We ask you to bear with us as we use our best endeavours in the current situation, to take the required steps necessary to protect you and us. If you have any further questions please call us by phone.


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